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Map Hacking

Data mining the spaces of our lives

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Built on human-centered design

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Capacity Building

Development begins at the grassroots and the communities most affected by infrastructure, urban and land planning; particularly in the wake of disaster or conflict; should be at the front-lines of planning and allocation discussions. Building local capacity is critical to sustainable human development and economic growth.


Gender is a cross-cutting issue that impacts on development at all stages. Due to its fluidity the impact of gender on locating individual access and opportunity is important. We advocate for a human capabilities or rights-based approach to ensure inclusion of marginalized populations.

Information Literacy

Media and information literacy is quickly moving from a luxury to a development necessity. The ability to gather, analyze and transform data into information is a critical career skill in today's market. Our literacy fund provides scholarships and donations to innovative education projects in vulnerable or traditionally marginalized communities


The capacity to bounce back after a disaster event or respond to economic shocks is tied to a number of dynamic factors. Working towards resiliency dosen't just mean being the first ground responder or most well known. It means targeting programming to met the needs of populations so they are empowered to engage in recovery and reconstruction themselves.

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Development Services International is a non-profit organization that utilizes data science, geographic information systems and a human capabilities approach to tackle human rights, gender, resiliency and sustainable development challenges.

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Domestic Violence: Does the African Context Demand a Different Approach?

By: Victoria Breyer How does the context of domestic violence in Africa differ from the United States? Even with severe underreporting in African countries, they have a larger amount of domestic violence. This could be due to “the persistenc...
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Mali: Facts on Gender based violence and Female Genital Mutilation

Image_home_1 By: Emi Watanabe Mali is located in Western Africa and has been struggling with political instability since 2012 after an armed conflict in northern Mali. This conflict has led to cases of “rape and other forms of gender based violence (GBV)...
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Mapping Gender Violence & Resiliency

Gender violence is a global phenomenon that impacts on resiliency and development in complex ways.

Comparable statistics on gendered and sexually motivated violence are limited, particularly in complex emergency settings. This research maps the geography of gendered violence in conflict and post-disaster settings from a resiliency perspective. We strive to highlight resiliency-based, agency-building approaches that increase the effectiveness of service provision in public health, development and humanitarian assistance programming.

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Sustainable Urbanization

The world is rapidly urbanizing having profound impacts on global food systems, environmental and public health.

Innovative urban agricultural approaches that incorporate environmentally sustainable building and waste management practices are necessary to meet the evolving demands of today’s world. The push for efficient local and global food production is growing as well. Our sustainable urbanization program provides technical assistance and extension services to community-based organizations and local agencies that work towards urban resiliency.

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