About us

Our mission is to provide sustainable community-driven solutions to overcome social and environmental injustice.

Core Values:
Civic Engagement

Our Services provide high quality, sustainably focused consulting and technical assistance to non-profit organizations, urban growers, community groups and civil agencies that target their programs and services to undeserved groups particularly those working with women, vulnerable youths and disadvantaged groups. Development Services International was founded to bring together a collective of data analysts, environmental scientists, public health workers, strategic communications experts and program management professionals engaged in business development and non-profit management.

We utilize human-centered design rooted in a capabilities, empowerment-based model that is dynamic and innovative. We provide information literacy training, data anlytics and capacity development services to organizations that targeted public health, envrionmental and social justice outcomes. We are particualrly passionate about addressing persistent inequalities in development and urbanization that impact negatively on vulnerabloe populations. The approach we take to our work is built upon rigorous monitoring and evaluation in collaboration with our partners, donors and most importantly our community stakeholders.