Local Support

City of New Orleans NewCorp Inc: Small Business Assistance Fund

City of New Orleans NewCorp Inc: Small Business Assistance Fund The Small Business Assistance Fund (SBAF) is a financing joint effort between the city of New Orleans Economic Development Fund and NewCorp Inc. The goal of the project is to support the growth of new and existing New Orleans Businesses. SBAF is a $200 million fund that will administer loans ranging from $10,000 - $100,000 with 8% ... Read More

NOLA Incentive Programs

Restoration Tax Abatement Program The Restoration Tax Abatement (RTA) provides five-year property tax abatement for: expansion, restoration, improvement or development of any existing commercial structures and owner-occupied residences. Subject to conditions the abatement may be renewed for an additional five-year period. This program allows a five-year deferred ad valorem  tax assessment ... Read More

JOB1 New Orleans

JOB1 Business and Career Solutions is a federally funded project, under the Workforce Investment Act, that aims to provide New Orleans employers with a skilled workforce and connect job seekers to opportunities. The main goal of the program is to build a trusted and reliable workforce that has a strong partnership with the business community. JOB1 has several partner programs including: Veteran Se... Read More

BioDistrict New Orleans

BioDistrict New Orleans Looking to increase the biosciences industry in New Orleans, BioDistrict NO has 1,500 acres, across downtown and mid-city, to develop into a sustainable business market.  BioDistrict’s goal is to create workforce training and job growth, in emerging sectors like bioscience and healthcare, that will sustainable development around New Orleans. The BioDistrict en... Read More

Greater New Orleans, Inc.

 GNO, Inc, is a regional development alliance dedicated to economic growth in New Orleans. Working with partner parishes, GNO, Inc. pursues business development in growing sectors across the board, from manufacturing to digital media to energy and environmental sectors. GNO, Inc. and partner parishes are working to develop new business and investment while still expand current New Orleans bus... Read More