Louisiana Energy Tax Credits/Subsidies

Corporate Tax Credit for Solar Energy Systems on Residential Property

The credit may be applied to personal, corporate or franchise taxes, depending on the entity which purchases and installs the system, but the system must be installed at a single-family residence to be eligible. The tax credit may be applied both to solar-electric systems (photovoltaic systems) and solar-thermal systems, when the energy is used for space heating, space cooling or water heating. On... Read More

Solar Energy System Exemption

Solar Energy System Exemption  In Louisiana, any equipment attached to an owner-occupied residential building or swimming pool as part of a solar energy system is considered personal property that is exempt from ad valorem taxation. The value of a solar energy system will not be included in the assessment of such buildings or swimming pools. Incentive Type: ... Read More

City of New Orleans - Net Metering

City of New Orleans - Net Metering The City Council's rules require Entergy New Orleans to offer net metering to customers with systems that generate electricity using solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal or biomass resources. Fuel cells and microturbines that generate electricity entirely derived from eligible renewable resources are also eligible. The City Council's rules... Read More

Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)

Administered by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR), this allows homeowners to get a five-year loan to improve the energy efficiency of their existing home.  A homeowner can qualify for an energy improvement loan in two ways – either through an energy audit in which an Energy Home Rater makes recommendations, or by choosing pre-approved home improvements as designated by... Read More